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Nicaragua Sea Turtles

Nicaragua's beaches are home to four species of sea turtles, the hawksbillsolive ridleys, leatherbacks, and greens and they are found in waters off both coasts in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. 

Of particular importance is a newly discovered nesting area for the critically endangered hawksbill, one of only two known areas of this magnitude in the entire Eastern Pacific, as well as two major olive ridley arribada nesting beaches on the Pacific coast. 


Nicaragua Sea Turtle Species

Olive Ridley: Nest on beaches along the Pacific coast including the La Flor Refuge near San Juan Del Sur.

HawksbillThe Caribbean is an important foraging area including the Pearl Cays. They also nest on the Pacific with one major nesting area at Estero Padre Ramos. 

Green: The Caribbean waters are one of the world's most important foraging areas for greens. They also nest in small numbers on the Pacific coast.

Leatherback: Occasionally nest along the Pacific coast and they can also be found in deep Caribbean waters.


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