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Costa Rica Sea Turtles

Considered the birthplace of ecotourism, Costa Rica’s coast is home to dozens of important nesting beaches for four turtle species—leatherback, green, hawksbill, and olive ridley.

SEE Turtles works with local organizations to protect critical nesting habitat. This country offers travelers exceptional opportunities to view nesting turtles in areas with pristine rain forests and diverse cultures.


Sea Turtle Species

Leatherbacks: On the Caribbean, they nest from March to July. On the Pacific, they nest from September to March.

Greens: Nest from June to October along the North Caribbean, especially Tortuguero. 

Olive Ridleys: Along the Pacific, they nest throughout the year, though on many beaches the nesting is concentrated from July to November.

Hawksbills: The best time to see hawksbills in Cahuita is September and October, though sitings are rare.


Featured Turtle Hotspots

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Leatherback Volunteer Vacation Price from $1,195. Spend 4 nights working with researchers on a leatherback nesting beach.  

Cocos Island Shark & Turtle Research Price: $6,250. A once-in-a-lifetime 10 day diving expedition. 

Long-term Volunteer Projects (1 week or more) 

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