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Volunteer Work With Sea Turtles!

Get your feet sandy at a turtle project

For those who can brave long walks, late night shifts, insects, and occasional downpours, volunteer work with sea turtles can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Volunteering on a nesting beach is hard work; an opportunity to make a difference, participate in wildlife scientific research, and meet new people.

The benefits of volunteering include new experiences, lots of good exercise, learning a new language, and a good addition to a growing resume.  At most projects, the work involves participating in nightly beach patrols, looking for nesting adult female turtles and helping researchers collect data and protecting nests.  Depending on timing, volunteers may also help release baby sea turtles (or "hatchlings").  Each project works with specific species including primarily leatherbacks, olive ridleys, and green turtles.

SEE Turtles can connect you for free with a sea turtle conservation volunteer project.  Volunteering costs from $20/day to several thousand per week for food and lodging depending upon the location.

Positions as research assistants at no cost may be available for those with experience or a background in biology and can commit to at least two months. 

To volunteer, you need:

  • Reasonable physical condition
  • Ability to tolerate basic living conditions and food
  • To be able to pay for living expenses and registration
  • A good attitude and open mind
  • To be able to get yourself to the site
  • To dedicate at least a week to the work

 You don't need (in most cases):

  • Experience with turtles
  • Spanish fluency
  • A background in biology
  • Lots of money

What is SEE Turtles?

We're a non-profit project that connects travelers and volunteers with sea turtle conservation projects in places that most need the support. Visit our homepage to learn how you can participate.

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