Jiquilisco Bay, El Salvador

Bahia Jiquilisco is a Biosphere Reserve that protects some of El Salvador's most important natural habitat. Located along the southeast Pacific coast, the reserve protects roughly 400 square kilometers, which includes 50 km of coastline (about 31 miles). 

This bay is one of two major nesting areas for the critically endangered hawksbill turtle in the Eastern Pacific, comprising about 45% of the region's nests. Local researchers have been working since 2008 to protect the turtles in this bay through a combination of an innovative egg collection program, environmental education, and scientific research.


Our Partners

ICAPO: The Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative promotes recovery of hawksbill turtles in the eastern Pacific. ICAPO consists of more than 50 individuals and organizations, experts in the field of hawksbill and sea turtle conservation, hailing from every country in the eastern Pacific from the US to Peru. 

EcoViva: EcoViva works in partnership and solidarity with community-led organizations in Central America organized to achieve environmental sustainability, economic security, social justice and peace.  The vision and implementation of our programs come from our local partners.


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