Oceanic Society Expeditions

Since 1969, Oceanic Society has been inspiring and empowering people worldwide to take part in building a healthy future for the world’s oceans. The organization offers ocean-based expeditions, volunteer trips, and whale watching excursions around the world, in addition to innovative conservation programs like State of the World's Turtles and Blue Habits, which aims to motivate travelers to adopt ocean-friendly lifestyles. SEE Turtles is proud to be part of the Oceanic Society family since 2014. 

Learn more about Oceanic Society's expeditions:

Whales of Guerrero Research project

As a citizen scientist with this research project, you will work alongside American and Mexican scientists and local fishermen to spot, identify, and make scientific observations of humpback whales and any of four species of dolphins found in the area. Participants will come away with a wealth of knowledge about humpback whale behavior and biology as well as the unique experience of being a part of a truly pioneering project. Should sea turtle nests hatch during the week we will be invited to visit the Ayotcalli Field Camp, which protects turtle eggs from predation and shepherds newborn baby turtles to the sea as a night time activity.

Dates: February 16 - 23 & March 2 - 9

Price: From $2,550 per person

Costa Rica leatherback turtles & marine debris research

This special trip is offered in partnership with SEE Turtles to study how pollution may be impacting leatherback sea turtle nesting habitat at Las Tortugas Research Station on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. As a volunteer on this 8-day family-friendly program you will learn first-hand about the problem of plastic pollution and its impacts to wildlife, while also helping clean the beach.

On three nights you will patrol the beach looking for nesting leatherback turtles and hatching nests, while helping scientists assess debris types and densities along the beach by day. We’ll spend two days exploring the rainforest and snorkeling the coast of Cahuita National Park, where we may see sloths, monkeys, and other wildlife. Spend your vacation helping to save sea turtles!

Date: June 17 - 24, 2017 / Price: $1,995 pp

Florida Manatees and Endangered Habitats

Oceanic Society is excited to partner with conservation biologist Samantha Whitcraft to bring you this unique, educational experience with Florida's manatees and vanishing ecosystems. The highlight of the adventure will be two mornings spent snorkeling alongside large congregations of Florida's endangered manatees, in the crystal clear springs that they rely on in the winter months. Afternoons and additional days will include exploring the grounds of Espedeco tree farm and naturalist guided canoeing or airboat excursions. This program is designed to integrate the experience of viewing manatees in the wild with opportunities to learn about how that ability is dependent on the preservation of the native ecology of the region. The program leader will provide natural history and ecology lectures on the other evenings.

Dates: Jan 17-21, 2018 / Price: $1,495 pp