Donate To Save Turtles & Get a Discount from Chem Dry!

Sea turtles around the world are endangered, but you can help bring them back! By supporting our Billion Baby Turtles program, you are helping protect important nesting beaches around the world, ensuring that the hatchlings make it to the water. The funding helps community-based organizations in six countries hire local residents to patrol the beaches and protect the eggs, which in many places are sold illegally on the black market. 


With a donation of at least $25, you will receive 30% off your next Chem Dry cleaning and get a free bottle of spot remover ($15 value) with service cost of at least $100. We will share your information with them after the donation is completed (unless you direct us not to on the form).

Your donation supports important nesting beach programs in Latin America. To date, we have saved more than 1 million endangered hatchlings. We put at least 90% of all donations to conservation efforts and 10% goes to program management and administration. SEE Turtles is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. Our EIN in 81-4325149 and our IRS confirmation letter can be downloaded here

To learn more about SEE Turtles' mission, programs, and successes, click here.