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Bring A Turtle Expert To Your Class!

Our staff of turtle experts can present to individual classes or large groups in auditoriums either online or in person. We use engaging images, video, and hands-on activities to engage students in learning about these incredible creatures. Presentations are tailored to the age and interests of the audience and cover basic turtle biology, threats, conservation efforts, and what people can do to help turtles.

Online Presentations

Our online presentations can be tailored to different grades and ages and can be customized to fit the time available. For online presentations, we request a donation of $50 per presentation, which goes to help protect sea turtles around Latin America. These presentations are done either on Skype or Google Hangouts. Contact us at right to set up a time or ask a question about the program. We also offer free presentations to schools that participate in our fundraising program.

In-Class Presentations

For in-class presentations, we request a donation of $100 per presentation which is used to further our mission of turtle conservation. Depending on your location, we may require travel costs if we will not already be nearby on travel. For schools with fewer resources, we'll make efforts to present at no cost where possible. We also offer inspiring assembly presentations starting at a donation of $200 per presentation.



"Our young students enjoy learning about endangered sea turtles from Brad at SEE Turtles as he possesses wonderful energy, passion, and compassion.  Our students benefit every year from the depth of knowledge he presents in an interactive format via Skype." - Stephanie G, Albuquerque NM

"The presentation to our fifth graders was well received! Students were engrossed learning about the biology and ecology of the sea turtles and came away with a heightened awareness of how a species can become endangered and what is required to protect them." -LeeAnn S, Seattle WA

"Thank you so much for coming into our class and teaching us about sea turtles and that awesome slideshow. You inspired me a lot."  - Nancy G, Glenside PA (4th grade)

Photo credits: Neil Ever Osborne

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