Kids & Sea Turtles

There are many ways that kids can learn about and help protect sea turtles around the world. Check out our resources for what you can do to help, our videos and fact sheets, stories of kids raising funds to save baby turtles, opportunities to see sea turtles in the wild, & more.

5 Ways families Can Help Sea Turtles:

  1. Use less plastic! Sea turtles can eat plastic that ends up in the ocean. Use reusable bags, straws, & bottles, help clean up litter, and recycle plastic waste when possible.

  2. Help save baby turtles! Every $1 you raise saves 10 hatchlings at an important nesting beach. Learn more below.

  3. Go SEE them! Join one of our turtle trips for families or schools below and you can help protect these incredible animals.

  4. Hang onto those balloons! Helium balloons can travel long distances and hurt animals like birds and sea turtles.

  5. Buy eco-friendly products that save hatchlings. Check out below for kid-friendly sponsors and items in our online store .

Sea Turtle Educational Videos

Fundraise to save baby turtles

Family friendly sea turtle conservation tours

Kids Stuff In Our Online Store

Kid-Friendly Sponsors & Products

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