La Flor Wildlife Refuge, Nicaragua

Along Nicaragua's Pacific coast, just south of San Juan Del Sur is the Refugio De Vida Silvestre La Flor, an important nesting area for olive ridleys, and well as hawksbillleatherback, and green sea turtles. La Flor is one of only two olive ridley arribada nesting areas in Nicaragua. Here, the olive ridley nests "in mass" between the months of July and December. More than 100,000 olive ridley nests are laid on this beach each year. Worldwide, only a handful of arribada beaches exist; elsewhere they are solitary nesters like other sea turtle species.

You can visit La Flor during turtle nesting season (primarily from July to November) to watch sea turtle nesting. Local hotels and operators can arrange evening tours to the beach, which is about a 20 min drive from San Juan del Sur.

*Please note that we do not currently offer tours to La Flor.

Olive ridleys nesting in La Flor

Olive ridleys nesting in La Flor


Paso Pacifico

Paso Pacifico, a conservation organization founded in 2005, is working in partnership with local communities to provide alternatives to destructive activities such as poaching of sea turtle eggs and deforestation. Locals here are involved with conservation efforts to preserve not only sea turtles, but the unique tropical dry forest habitat of the area. 

SEE Turtles supports Paso Pacifico by funding protection of hatchlings through Billion Baby Turtles, as well as supporting their educational programs and helping recruit volunteers.

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Photo credits: Brad Nahill/SEE Turtles, Adelyade Rivas/Paso Pacifico, Paula von Weller