Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is a major region for sea turtles, with both important nesting beaches and feeding areas all along the coast. Five species of sea turtles can be found here (primarily green turtles and loggerheads) along with many other species of ocean wildlife. Many sea turtles can be found in the area known as the "Riviera Maya" which runs from Cancun south to Tulum and further south. 

Turtle hatcery in Tulum

Turtle hatcery in Tulum


Our Sea Turtle Partners

Our primary partner in the Yucatan Peninsula is Flora, Fauna y Cultura AC. This community-based organization works to protect nesting sea turtles at 11 beaches along the Peninsula.

Funding from our Billion Baby Turtles program has helped to support a project that employs young Mayan adults to patrol the beach at Tulum National Park, protecting green and loggerhead turtles. This funding has helped to save roughly 3,000 hatchlings in 2013. 

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Photo credits: Brad Nahill/SEE Turtles