Padre Ramos, Nicaragua

Padre Ramos is a mangrove estuary located on the Northwest Pacific coast of Nicaragua. An area of intense natural beauty, it has been protected as a nature reserve since 1983. The reserve consists of more than 28,000 hectares of mangrove, beaches, coral reefs, and coastal areas.  

This beach is one of the last two major nesting beaches for the Eastern Pacific population of hawksbill turtles. This area was only recently discovered by scientists and comprises almost half of all known hawksbill nesting in the region. The conservation program at Padre Ramos is managed by Flora & Fauna International and local community organizations. The turtle eggs are protected through an innovative program that pays local residents to collect the eggs and bring them to a protected hatchery.

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Photo credits: Brad Nahill/SEE Turtles, Paula von Weller