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Classroom Resources

To help students and teachers learn about sea turtles, why they are threatened, and how they can help, we have put together lesson plans, offer in-class and online presentations, and provide a wide range of environmental education resources.

Lesson Plans

Our curriculum was developed by an experienced teacher to engage students from grades 6 - 12 on various subjects related to sea turtles. These creatures can teach students a variety of subjects, including biology, geography, world cultures, and more. Lessons include Introduction to Sea Turtles, Food Webs, and Threats to Sea Turtles. Click here to download the plans.


Sea Turtle Educational Videos

Sea Turtle Migration


Sea Turtle Nesting


Turtle Species Fact Sheets:

Leatherback Fact Sheet (299 kb)

Green Fact Sheet (304 kb)

Loggerhead Fact Sheet (266 kb)

Hawksbill Fact Sheet (288 kb)

Olive Ridley Fact Sheet (266 kb)

Kemp's Ridley Fact Sheet (269 kb)

Flatback Fact Sheet (255 kb)


Educational Resources

Sea Turtle Conservancy Educators Corner

SeaTurtle.org Satellite Tracking

Sea Turtle Restoration Project Educational Resources

NOAA Ocean Lesson Plans

Turtle Talks Activity Book (1,960 kb)


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