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Save the Hawksbills

Help us support efforts to recover this endangered turtle

Hawksbill sea turtles are among the most endangered reptiles on earth.  Unlike other turtles, this species is prized for its beautiful shell which is made into jewelry and other items.  They are also threatened with unsustainable fishing practices, poaching for their meat and eggs, and global warming

The Eastern Pacific population, which covers the Pacific coasts of Mexico south to Peru (including all of Central America), is one of the most endangered turtle populations in the world, with likely less than 1,000 adult females in the region.

SEE Turtles is supporting the protection of hawksbills by providing funds for the area's two most important nesting beaches in Jiquilisco Bay (El Salvador) and Padre Ramos (Nicaragua) through the of Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative (ICAPO).

These two beaches, which protect roughly 90% of the population's nests, have innovative egg collection programs which pays local residents to collect the eggs and bring them to protected hatcheries.



An adult hawksbill after nesting
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Jewelry made from turtle shells
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