Help Us Save A Billion Baby Turtles!

Sea turtles around the world are endangered, but you can help bring them back! By supporting Billion Baby Turtles, you are helping protect important nesting beaches around the world, ensuring that the hatchlings make it to the water. The funding we provide to community-based organizations in six countries helps to hire local residents to patrol the beaches and protect the eggs, which in many places are sold on the black market.

Make a one-time donation or even better, set up monthly donations to make a difference all year long! In addition to the gifts below, monthly donors will receive an annual gift and personalized certificate every year! (* Gifts for monthly donors will be sent after the 3rd month donation is received). 

Donations will go to support important nesting beach programs in Latin America and are tax deductible through our sponsor Oceanic Society.

To learn more about SEE Turtles' mission, programs, and successes, click here.


Donation Thank You Gifts:

(Please note that gifts are available for US donors, international donors will need to cover an additional shipping fee to receive donation gifts)


$10 donation: Packet of 3 hatchling postcards.

$20 donation: 3 hatchling postcards & a kids activity book or a stuffed turtle clip-on.

$30 donation: Sea turtle organic cotton stuffed animal & 3 hatchling postcards.

$50 donation / $5 per month: Sea turtle stuffed animal, kids activity book, & 3 hatchling postcards.

$100 donation / $10 per month: Sea Turtle Gift Pack including the sea turtle stuffed animal, 3 hatchling postcards, kids activity book, and a choice of a Billion Baby Turtles or SEE Turtles tee shirt.

$250 donation / $25 per month: Sea Turtle Gift Pack plus your choice of jewelry or an organic shirt from our online gift store. 

$500 donation / $50 per month: Framed turtle hatchling image, turtle jewelry, organic shirt, Sea Turtle Gift Pack, & $100 off any SEE Turtles tour (depending on availability).

* Please note gifts are only available to US residents due to the cost of international shipping.

Turtle Stuffies

Turtle Stuffies

Turtle Water Bottle

Turtle Water Bottle

Photo credit: Brad Nahill/SEE Turtles