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Sea Turtle Education Program

Students and teachers play a key role in helping sea turtle populations recover. Our school outreach program is designed to help teachers and students not only learn about sea turtles, but also to inspire involvement in conservation efforts.  

Sea turtles inspire curiosity and empathy in young people and there are lots of opportunities for them to participate in hands-on educational programs.


Sea Turtle Field Trips

There is no better way to learn about biology, conservation, and how different cultures interact with their environment than to take a field trip to a sea turtle conservation project.  

SEE Turtles works with well-respected student travel operators in Costa Rica and Baja to offer unique experiences for students from 6th grade to college. For every trip that schools take through our program, these operators will make a donation to conservation efforts.


Class Presentations

We offer engaging online and classroom presentations by sea turtle experts for all grades.


Classroom Resources

We have put together a variety of resources for teachers to teach about sea turtles:

Fundraising Program

Small donations can make a huge difference to field conservation projects. With our new fundraising program, students can save 1 turtle hatchling for every $1 they raise! Learn more about how your class or group can help here.


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